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12:47 02 Май 2019
Zelensky plans to legitimize surveillance and total control over the citizens if elected President.
While everyone scoffs at the 6-second delay in Zelensky’s mental development and his arithmetically challenged team, which is unable to estimate that raising teachers’ salaries to $ 4 000 will amount to $ 2 billion of monthly spending, instead of $ 200 million per year, other messages sent by Vova (Volodymyr Zelensky) have passed unnoticed.
As demonstrated at Zelensky’s meeting with the representatives of the IT business, when he becomes president, he is not going to be a good clown, but an evil one with powers of an underboss, both figuratively and literally.
Besides, Vova said he was going to impose «tight controls». And, of all things, he proposed to “legitimize” the technologies allowing tracking and access to personal data, which “the Ukrainian law-enforcement system is very close to setting up if they have not done so already”.
With childlike spontaneity, Zelensky expressed hope that “electronic development” should be of interest to leading IT companies. The idea was understood by some of the participants of the meeting, and they responded by saying that: “The best hackers in the world are from Ukraine!”.
“There you go!”, said the presidential candidate and became filled with enthusiasm and continued: “The dudes who created this for this country will always enjoy the market demand”.
Zelensky proposed to plant surveillance cameras «in every office» of every public official, except in the office of the President, because the President will deal with state secrets. The disagreement expressed by one of the participants that one should monitor the results instead of the process fell on Zelensky’s death ears. He said that this can be done only if “if you trust”, and Vova does not trust, and “does not believe in anything but strict control”.
So, they persistently painted for us an image of a young progressive European manager, though clumsily and cartoonish, but it turns out that the kind bearded fairy (the author refers to Mr. Ihor Kolomoisky) has grown a little Lukashenko in his flower pot instead of a Thumbelina who is also full of psychological complexes. He does not want to create conditions where being corrupt and ineffective is shameful and savage-like. Not at all. Instead, he wants to control everyone with the help of new legitimized technologies and follow everyone in case someone steals something. In his understanding, deep down everyone here is a crook, and everyone needs to be watched over and fall under a «tight control.»
Having said this, of course, it is possible to argue that the weak and stupid Zelensky will never be able to make Ukraine follow the Belarusian model. He does not have enough will, intelligence and resources, and he does not even have to try, because there will be strong, intelligent and resource-intensive Kolomoisky. Because, even with a superficial glance at these revelations of Zelensky, their source becomes clear. Well, where is the link between Zelensky – the comedian and tracking and data access technologies? These are two parallel universes, but oligarch Kolomoisky and the idea of access to other people’s data it a smoking gun.
«The best hackers in the world» work for Igor Kolomoisky in Ukraine and beyond. They hack emails, messengers and websites. This is a large network with reall high-level specialists. If it stops operating, for example, the next day there will be no Sasha Dubinsky, an independent journalist with all his “leaks”, “gates” and “papers”.
And, apparently, Zelensky was successfully indoctrinated with the idea that he would become real life Holoborodko (lead character from Ukrainian TV series played by Zelensky), who would shoot down the MPs and control absolutely everything to the tune of “Ni Obitsyanok, ni Probachen” (No Promises, no Forgiving) song. And he truly believes in all this. So he already started thinking about how it is going to be. I do not even want to try to understand the reasons, because it does not matter at all.
Everything is going to be like in a medical joke about Pavlov, the academician: “In childhood, Pavlov was bitten by a dog. The dog bit him and forgot about it, while Pavlov grew up and did not forget”. So in this story, Zelensky is not Pavlov, instead he is just a button with electrodes to be pushed by Pavlov, the academician.
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