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20:28 11 Мар 2022

As the United States rejected Poland’s proposal to transfer military aircrafts to Ukraine, we have two news for the West — good and bad. The good news is that for Russia, the end is near. And the bad news is that the end is near for whole world. Including the West.

Are you afraid to close the sky over Ukraine, or even let the Ukrainians do it themselves using your technology, as this could provoke the Third World War? The truth is it has already begun. The current situation is very reminiscent of the «Phoney War» — the period during World War II from September 3, 1939, to May 11, 1940, when the West took almost no action against Germany, giving them the opportunity to capture half of Poland, Denmark, and Norway, and time to prepare for invasion of France.

The West now reminds a fat rich old man who smokes a cigar and observes how his neighbour’s house is burning. The old man is ready to call 911 and give money to buy a fire extinguisher. He is even ready to finance rebuilding the neighbour’s house. But only after the house burns down. The old man is not ready to go and extinguish the fire himself. The old man doesn’t want problems. He just wants to finish his cigar.

It is wrong to believe that Russia can be stopped only by ruining it economically and giving the Ukrainians a limited number of weapons. It is impossible to reach peaceful future as the way to it is full of bodies of Ukrainian civilians.

Politicians, like generals, are preparing for the war that already happened. All of this, the sanctions and limited supply of lethal weapons, would have worked in 2014. There would be no invasion then because putin would understand that more sanctions and other problems are waiting for him. However, in order to stop the invasion today, it is needed to adopt drastic measures immediately. The West does not have time for the Reagan strategy which managed to end the USSR because this is not cold war; this war is real and devastating.

Your plan is to stop putin by cutting russia off the civilized world using sanctions. But the problem is that russia has never been a full member of the civilized world. Its culture and science are just a thin layer of paint on the armour of a rusty russian tank. In reality, it is a country where war and slavery have become part of the genetic code of its people. This is the equivalent of yin and yang in russia. Being a servant to the king and father to the soldiers is in their genetics. The world is now opposed by a country whose national idea has for centuries been the bloody enslavement of other people and nations. This is a tumour country, a cancer country.

It cannot be stopped by taking away iPhones and Coca-Cola. They will drink kombucha instead of Cola, play Tetris on an old Nokia, use pit latrines instead of toilets, meanwhile aiming at you with Iskanders.

Today, they will only aim at you, and tomorrow, they will shoot you. Not your military, but your residential areas. They will bomb hospitals, kill your children, shoot cars with elderly people from their airborne combat vehicle. They have orders. All their wars were always like this, even within their own country. They don’t know any other way. Most of those who bring this russian world not only lack any moral limits, but they do not even suspect that such limits exist. This is another, anti-European, anti-Western type of consciousness. Zombies.

You threaten them with poverty, underdevelopment, and life worse than animals have in a barn. But they already live in this barn with a large TV on the wall. Hello grandpa, we’re here. You’ll give us less food? It doesn’t matter because Kherson is ours! And tomorrow, Warsaw will be ours too; glory to putin, oh, glory!

Only a military defeat can stop russia. As, for example, in the Crimean War of 1853-1856, as a result of which the Russian Empire signed a surrender, recognizing the complete victory of the allies: Great Britain, France, the Ottoman Empire and the Kingdom of Sardinia.

The simple truth that only military force can stop putin is understood only by those NATO countries that have learned the hard way what russian “liberation” means. The Baltic States and Poland understand that if the sky over Ukraine is not closed today, tomorrow, they will have to close the sky above them. The naivety and indecision of the world leaders in the matter of closing the Ukrainian sky will cost the world dearly. putin today is terrorist No. 1. And he will not be naive and indecisive. Today, his goal is Ukraine, tomorrow, it will be Europe. He is a rat in a pipe, and it is burnt with sanctions from one end. You have two options: wait for this rat to crawl towards you or fry it from both ends.

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